Controller Down?

I ran my 30x30 machine 2 hours ago. I came back to do some more and the LEDs on the controller don’t stay on (they all seem to flash once when I turn the power switch on).
I checked the voltage at the power supply and it is 24 volts so it is probably Ok.
I’m getting an LED flash so the power must be getting to the unit.
Any ideas? Power switch?

@coco The power switch on early models of the controller are a known problem. The fix is to simply connect the terminals on the switch, bypassing it. Then, you can use a switchable power bar to turn it on and off.

That said, 4 days ago you reported a similar issue that seemed to have been a loose connection between the power jack and the controller. I thought at that time that you had resolved that. You may want to revisit that before opening up the controller to bypass the switch.

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It certainly seemed like that was the issue then but now its really dead. No wiggling will fix it.
I did pull it out and test the continuity through the switch and it sure seems like the switch is bad I tested it across these two lugs (no continuity in ON position. So I would assume I would shunt across them. Is that the fix?

@coco Yes, those are the two terminals to bridge.

When I bridged them, all the LEDs operated correctly. I will make it permanent.
I would like to make it like the new controller with the panic button!
Thanks for your help.

@coco I’m glad to hear that it was something relatively simple. :grinning:

I have a switch similar to this one wired into my power bar. When I slap it, everything dies - router, controller, task light, etc. You could consider something like it. The beauty of this one is that it is a magnetic switch. So, if everything dies because the power goes out, when the power comes back on, it does not re-start. I need to hit the switch, giving me the opportunity to make sure everything is safe before firing it up.

As your issue has been resolved, I’m closing this thread. Have fun.