Could FreeCad be an option for you?

For those who are using Fusion 360 and are troubled for losing some of its features, or are using other software for wish you have to pay, you could try using the FreeCad software. I have been using FreeCad since day one to desaign and draw the projects I want to produce with the CNC. I am a novice in all respects but I like this software and is free to use by hobbyists, in educational, or in commercial instances. You can find many good tutorials for FreeCad on youtube.
I also use UGCS to transfer the gcode from FreeCad to the CNC controller.
I hope this can help some of you.


Welcome Miguel - Always good to point out possible solutions to the crowd. So many newbies that aren’t familar with CAD/CAM processing. Thanks for the tip.

Yep, FreeCad is an option.
I would be interested to know which features of 360, LongMill users would have been using that are now not part of the free version?
I went through all features being removed for the free version, and I think they actually did a very reasonable job in giving a hobbiest what they use.
Switch to FreeCad for the products you sell…
Face it $1000 margin doesn’t go very far if you’re selling your stuff ( it’s not the $100k) like many still think.
And anybody who’s machining 4 and 5axis… Well they know what they’re doing… And also know they’re software options.
So ya, I don’t see too many people here being hurt by Fusion’s new policy

Hansi, Lars Christensen posted a good explanation of the F360 changes -

I’m sticking with F30.