Coupler and Lead Screw

I see in the store they have 6.5 to 8mm lead screw couplers, is that an upgrade for the 30x30? Did the MK2 come with lead screws thinner than T8 when i ordered last year?

I remember my couplers being the same size on both ends so im curious what size lead screws I have on a year old MK2

@Chaosweaver I believe that you will find that the couplers being sold in the store are the same as the ones shipped with the Long Mill. They have always been 6.5mm on the motor end and 8mm on the lead screw end.

The only change is for the 48" Long Mill since it uses larger lead screws.

interesting, i will check them in the morning and make sure theyve been installed properly. Havent had any slipping but just to be sure.

also, if the 30x48 lead screws were used on the 30x30, there would need to be an adjustment in the software to account for the rotation differencial right?

@Chaosweaver The couplers cannot be installed backwards. The 6.5mm end will not fit over the 8mm lead screw.

As to using the larger lead screws on a 30x30 machine, you should address your question to Sienci support. I only know that the longer lead screws are larger diameter.