Crashed machine

Hi all, unfortunately i crashed my machine while cutting to deep and fast. My machine was pretty sturdy before but now it has some wiggling. im not sure if it is the bearing or something else like the back lash nuts or vwheels. Also i noticed on the left side i cant get the eccentric nut for one of my wheels to line up. I measured the distance from the edge of the table to a point on the left and right end feet and measured squareness and all seems ok here is a link to my facebook post so you can see

Welcome to the forum Trevor! Sorry I don’t have facebook so I can’t see your pictures. Here’s what I would do assuming that the machine still moves freely.

Move the Y axis all the way to the back until both sides hit the back to make sure that the X gantry is squared up.

Then I would adjust the V wheels and then the anti-backlash nuts as described here.

I hope that’s sets you down that right path to getting your machine sorted.

im thinking my vwheel wont go in cause everything is so snug i just find it weird that the z axis router mount has a wobble to it ill keep messing with the wheels im thinking there the issue all though i thought you could click links to fb without having it wish i could post the pictures to here.

Much thanks for your reply