Creation of Macros

Good day to all,
As a user of UGS and now getting into the Gsender which I like better I am having some issues with creating macros as I could in UGS. Here is an example of one without the coordinates in it so please understand it is an example.
G21; G90; $H; G0 X-258.73 Y-153.20 Z-9.08; G10 P0 L20 X0 Y0 Z0

I cannot get this to work in Gsender. If anyone could help me get this to work it would be great. I have a lot of repeatable starting points and would like to be able to use the macro function in Gsender.



Hello @Arrow.slinger and welcome to the forum! I personally don’t have an answer for you, however I am sure someone will chime in. Great group of folks here! Again, welcome………

Is each command on its own line? eg
G0 X-258.73 Y… Z…
If not, at each semi-colon put them on a separate line.

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Ok here is the other issue. I have to zero after homing then run the macro for it to go to the point I want it to. If you don’t the macro will over shoot the target location. Is there a fix for that?


The macro is working if it is line by line so thank you for that

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Try in the macro after $H to set xy(z) zero then rest of commands
G10 L20 P2 X0…

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Yea I tried that but it would not work at all. Just started writing macros so I am not that good at it yet

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Thank you and I am sure you are right. There are people here with way more knowledge then me

Edit: This will work after you’ve run the homing cycle.
G54 (sets workspace P1)
G92 X0Y0Z0 (sets current/home position)
G0 X15 Y15 Z2 (Rapid go to)

Tapping Go XY0 will return to the G92 coordinates.
If adding $H at start doesn’t work then suggest running homing cycle then above macro. Try & see.

OLD Note; Will look at it when I’ve finished current carve. I don’t have limit switches but within the macro you should be able to set zero, move & reset zero. Did you put G10 L20…X0 / Y0 on individual lines? That was how I got mine to work.

Thanks I will give that a try