Cutting to big on my longmill

i just got a 30x48 longmill and i use Gsender and for software i use Carveco. the problem that i have right now is that i created a test piece 4x4 square to test for accuracy. I’m off by 1/8 to big on both axis. how do fix this. i did the calibration for squareness on it and I’m within 0.75mm. i think i need to calibrate my stepper motors??? if so how do you calibrate that??

@rikro Welcome to the group Rick. I’m wondering if maybe it’s not a stepper calibration issue but maybe a software issue.

I don’t use Carveco so I don’t know where the settings for different things are but I have some things to check that would apply to any software. Make sure that you are cutting on the right side of the line, meaning inside, outside or centered on the line. And make sure that the bit that you set up in Carveco is the same diameter as the one you actually use to cut with.

I’m hoping it’s something simple like that because your off by an 1/8 and 1/8 and 1/4 are the most common bit sizes, I think. So your off by an 1/8 and the difference between the most common sizes is an 1/8.

thanks for the response with more research on youtube i found out that you can adjust your stepper motors in firmaware with slight calibration.

and yes i did use the wrong bit size in carveco. i feel like an idiot but it happens. lol

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It’s all good! The steps/mm would need to be off by quite a bit to be off by 1/8 over 4". At least you now know how to do it if you need to.