DC Power Supply - Flashing red lights

I lost power to my inputs. I can get the circuit board lights to flash on intermitently when I push on the green input switch. The lights also flash on and off when the on-off switch is toggled. Is the switch fried?

Are you talking about the four (I think) bright red LEDs? Is you LM an older one, pre eStop? If so, the switch on the controller might be bad. You can wire across the switch to work around this problem.

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@nor Ron: I would bet that Paul has identified your problem.You can test to see if this is the problem by using an alligator clip lead.

Iā€™m attaching a jpg of the underside of the long board. You can bridge those two tabs to bypass the switch. It will mean that you will need to use a power bar or some other means to turn off the controller.

Thank you. All is well with the jumper on the switch. Ron

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