December 2 - December 9, 2022 "A Project That You Learned Something From Making It" Contest

Good Friday afternoon, everyone! Thank you to all the makers who entered the contest for this week. We loved seeing all of your furniture projects made with the help of your LongMill. It was hard for us to choose our favourite ones since all were perfect. These fantastic projects prove that the possibilities of creating are endless with a LongMill. It is always a pleasure to see projects shared within our community of creators.

We are happy to announce that @Patje, @mowog, @Modern-Memories, Justin Currie, @Kdub, and Matt McMullen are the winners of the "A Project That is a Furniture Item” contest! Watch out for an amazing prize coming your way!

This week’s theme is a little different, but very interesting. We want you all to share a project that you have learned something from using your LongMill to make it. All you have to do is post your project and within the caption, share with us what you learned from doing it. We’ll choose our favourite projects and send awesome prizes to the creators.

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Happy crafting!

Not sure if I can re-use a previous project post for this contest, but I would be remiss to not post about my Needlessly Complicated Torsion Box.

In that project, I learned so much - it was my intro to using the LongMill (go big or go home!)

Thinks I learned

  • How to use the LongMill!
  • Fusion 360
  • Tiling
  • Cutting mating parts
  • Toolpaths, work holding and so much more!

The full details are available in my previous post, linked above. I hope it can help others as well!

I remember being impressed by that torsion box the first time I saw it. Almost a year later and I am still impressed with the design!

Thanks @_Michael! Can’t say I have done anything nearly that complicated since, but it was a great way to really dive in!