Did I ruin my Makita router?

General question that y’all may have run into… I was cutting a profile through a 1-3/8" piece of ash with a 1/4" extended downcut bit. I noticed the Makita bogging down so I tried to slow down the feed a bit. About halfway through the job the motor started sparking like crazy and slowed down immensely. After hitting the e-stop and letting everything cool down, I noticed it makes a bit of a rattling sound when I tried starting it back up, and trying to free-spin it without power, you can feel some mechanical resistance. It disappears when the brushes are removed, though replacing with new brushes did not fix the problem - same fireworks show! I’m going to tear the housing off next to see if I can find any “smoking guns” when the garage is no longer 110F, but curious if anyone else has run into this before and if this is salvageable, or if I just bought a new router?

My guess is the armature is bad. There is a big range in price so if you are replacing it avoid the cheap ones.

It sounds like the bearings in the router have gone bad.

Wow that stinks sounds like your into a new one. Bearings are not expensive but you may have trouble getting them for the router. May not be worth it. See if the armature is scored if it is scrap it

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