Different machine profiles

Good afternoon,
Currently playing with gsender on my router.
I also have a bench top mill that I use with same computer.
What is an easy way to set up gsender for 2 different machines?
I was thinking maybe we could just add a profile and save settings to it,
And then just open up the one you want
In my case it’s 2 different machines but each machine has it’s own controller.
Maybe it’s just as simple as letting gsender take the info from the controller and done?? Not sure
How are some of you doing it??

Machine profiles are only used for flashing/EEPROM defaults for Sienci machines and don’t effect any other aspect of the program.

You can never change it and be fine. The application already reads all EEPROM values on connection.

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Thank you,
So if I understand correctly I use g sender for my router
Normally so no problem…
If I want to use the same computer and g sender on my milling machine I just connect to the milling controller and that is all??
So the settings for the milling machine will be read/loaded into gsender, no other settings needed??

Are they both Grbl machines?

The mill was originally a mach3 setup
But I’ve built a grbl to parallel converter.
So yes both grbl… Just different from the router specs
As far as lead screws, and speeds and no limit switches on mill

So, both being Grbl based machines you can just connect and send commands. gSender just streams gcode to the machine. As @KGN said, the important information, like the stepper resolution, is stored on the Grbl controller. You’ll want to make sure the machine jogs as expected before you run your first job.

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