Dimensions gSender and Vcarve Pro 12

After downloading from Vcarve the Job dimensions X-11.125 Y-5.5 Z-0.75 they come up on gsender as X-0.217 Y-0.217 Z-0.016
Did not do this until I upgraded to V carve pro 12

BTW, you also asked this question on the Vectric forum, and I saw an answer to it there.

Check that you are choosing an appropriate post processor for the units that you are designing with.

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@jondonwmat Welcome to the group, John.

To be clear, are the dimensions that you entered into VCarve the material size? gSender does not know the material size. Nothing in the gcode that it reads sets out the material size. This did not change with V12 of VCarve. I am assuming, therefore, that it is not the material size in VCarve that you are referencing.

Thanks for the info, I’ll go to the Vectric form and take a look

Sorry ,it wasn’t the Material size , it was the Job . Thanks

You hit it on the head, post processor . Thanks

@jondonwmat Since @CrookedWoodTex provided the solution, I am closing this topic as solved. Have fun.