Disabling and Re-enabling limit switches for wasteboard surfacing

After 3 weeks of nonstop lasering my surface board needs a resurface. I have the limit switches and I think they will throw a fault if I don’t turn them off. It seems that it would be as easy as “disabling soft limits” in the firmware, but I don’t know if I need to then flash the controller (and lose any other settings I have for joysticks, etc.)

So what I’d like to do it turn off the limit switches, resurface , and turn them back on. Will that work? Thanks

Yes that will work. I disable $20 soft limits, $21 hard limits and $22 Homing for a resurface and then turn them back on after.

I also remove the sensors for the X and Y axis so they cannot be crashed into when I do mine. The Y is as simple as removing it and laying it out of the way. The X axis limit I mount a little bit further toward the rear so it is out of the way. Doesn’t take long to do and worth it to not crash into a sensor IMHO.

thanks. I did all those things except physically remove the sensors and it worked.