Disconnecting from Gsender

Okay, I’ve been reading through many of the posts about static causing the CNC to disconnect. My machine was running perfectly until a few weeks ago when I started getting this issue. The weather is more humid now, so static is a likely issue, but I’m having trouble solving it.

I’ve removed my dust collection completely, removed anything else from the table. I’ve grounded my X and Y axis rails directly to my electrical box ground bar, but still getting the same issue. I’ve been trying this same project 5 times now but it keeps disconnecting farther along each time.

The current cut is a 3D rough with 1/4 bit that I’m running from the start each time (I’ve had bad luck starting jobs from a certain line). I speed everything up 200% until it gets to where it left off then slow it back down. It runs fine when it’s going over where it already cut and then it will run for about 15-30 minutes while cutting before disconnecting from Gsender.

I’m also able to reconnect easily without unplugging or restarting anything, if that’s applicable.

What else should I try grounding? The Z axis, the control box, the computer?

Where is the best place to ground at the rails? I’ve got wire wrapped around some of the bracket screws making direct contact with the rails, but am wondering it there’s a better way.

I’m going to try also removing my touch plate when not using it, and move the computer from underneath the table to somewhere beside the table, mostly out of desperation.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Update: I grounded the Z axis, removed the touch plate, moved the computer off the CNC table. I got another 30 mins into the cut after it passed everything it had already done - disconnected.

6 attempts at this and just past 50% done. At this rate I’ll be done the rough cut by August lol.

The USB cable seems pretty good, it’s not the one that came with the longmill, but I’m now going to order another shielded cable to see if that will do anything.

Not sure if you have tried it (or if it will work) but what seemed to sort things for me was putting the PC and LongMill controller (LongBoard) on a separate circuit than the router and shop vac. I know this depends on having another circuit conveniently available to plug into - thankfully I did have that in my garage.

Hope that helps - this is a hard one to get sorted!

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Unfortunately I only have one circuit for outlets and another for lights. I’ll run an extension cord from the house as a test to see if it does anything though. Thanks for the tip.

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Update on this for anyone searching in the future.

Switching electrical circuits for the router and dust collector solved the issue. I’ve gotten through a number of projects now with no disconnection issues.

Unfortunately for me there is only one outlet circuit in the garage so I’m running an extension cord from the house, but that’s a personal problem. I’ll add an outlet on my lighting circuit to see if that will help.

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@stephen.king989 I’m glad that, after all your troubles, you have found your solution, and are up and running. Have fun.

As the original issue has been addressed, I’m closing this topic. If anyone else has a similar concern, feel free to start a new topic, which will ensure that it is addressed promptly.