Disconnecting in the middle of carve

I just wanted to post some info after I had about a week of issues with gsender disconnecting a few minutes into a job.

This was with about a month of running my new Longmill trouble free.

I troubleshot the issues reading through many of the suggestions in this forum.

  • Changed USB cable
  • Powered vacuum on different circuit
  • Re-installed gsender software
  • Formatted & re-installed windows (WIN 11)

After all of that I was still running into disconnects. I eventually used a different laptop (WIN 10) and BOOM running like a dream. Can’t pinpoint exactly what the original laptop issue was (either WIN 11? or bad USB port/controller) but I wanted to share my experience as I’m hoping this may cut down on frustration/troubleshooting time for others.

Happy Carving!

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@OldDoug Welcome to the forum sir! Great folks providing sound advice. Your first post is excellent. Sorry you had troubles, but very happy you got it figured out. Appreciate you sharing your experience. I assure you someone else will have that problem as well. Did you make sure that the sleep function was turned off? I run an old MacBook Pro so I wouldn’t be much help there. Can’t wait to see your creations!

As Jake said, make sure your USB port is not going to sleep. It’s in “Power Options, USB”

Thanks for the heads up.

I’ve adjusted the power settings on the USB port. I’ll try running a carve today and let you guys know how it works out.