Do I need to add any new bits to gSender every time I get new ones?

As the titles states. Or does Fusion 360 do that automatically? Thank you!

Your questions are not understandable. Please explain.


In Fusion…I need to add the bits data(size, flutes, etc.). Does the same thing need to happen in gSender? I saw an area in the setting with different bit parameters.

gSender sends your gcode that was generated in your CAM program. It doesn’t care what bit you’ve installed…it just passes on your commands.
The exception is in the surfacing toolpath generator within gSender. There, you’ll have to tell it what but you’re using.


Thank you for clarification!

For more clarification - the tool area in gSender only informs the probe widget for now by populating a list for you so you don’t have to type it out manually every time.

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