Do I need to flash to apply firmware settings?

I’m completely new to cnc. Do I need to flash the firmware settings to enact the changes I made or does “Apply New Settings” enough? My axis is moves slightly further then it is suppose to. I’m trying to (100) X-axis travel resolution but it doesn’t seem to change the distance the X travels. I’m scared to flash the firmware because my machine is not on the list of cnc machines in gsender so who knows what settings are wrong. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Thanks

Apply settings is enough. Apply settings updates any changes you’ve made in the tool to the board EEPROM, flashing replaces the entire firmware with precompiled version (which, if you aren’t running a Longboard, you don’t want).

@KGN : Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

@hendr1x As @KGN has replied to you question, I’m closing the topic.