Do you read G-code from usb stick or download it to host computer?

I’m just curious, do most users run the G code straight from their USB stick or do they take the time to download the file(s) onto the local host computer running the G sender software?

I’m just curious if there’s a net benefit if file is locally stored and accessed.

For reference I’m using a raspberry pi as my host computer sending g-code to the Longmill.



I load it directly from USB to gsender.

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@Kenneth My wife and I use a large computer with a 30 inch monitor for all the designs and gcode generation. I keep everyther saved on that computer. I save ther gcode files to a USB Stick and carry that out to the shop where I have a Laptop with gSender on it to control the longmill.

Design in the main computer in the house, load gcode from the main computer to a USB stick then run from the USB stick via gSender

My design computer is in one room. It also runs GSender. The monitor is cloned to a 2nd screen to a room on the other side of the wall to the Longmill. The Longmill is connected to my design computer via USB. To control the Longmill I have a RF numberpad and a wired mouse. The other numpad is used on the occasion when I need to enter a number. This system keeps the sawdust far away from the computer.

NOTE: M3 stands for Macro #3 (empty) not M3 command. UL is a macro to go to my unload area and TC= goto Tool Change location.
On the computer I run MultiKeyboard Macros v2.28 This can tell the difference in keystrokes from different keyboards and run macros based on that. This lets me use a key on the keypad with stickers and control GSender and not have GSender trigger when I am on any other keyboard. I had this setup before they added smartphone setup and I still prefer it.

I have a Synolgy Network Storage device with a Plex server running for movies and TV. I design a file in the house then I save the files to my Synology network storage where its available to my shop computer via the network. When I’m out in the garage I copy the cut file to my Surface3 desktop from my network. I rarely use a USB drive. Works great and I don’t deal with USB issues.