Do you use UPS backup?

Looks like power failure time is here with heat and power grid overload. What size UPS do you use? Had temporary failure today about hour into 1.5 hour cut.

@Scoutergerry - Gerald, I doubt you can find one big enough to cover the computer, router, controller and vac system unless you have a lot of money. It would take a lot of batteries and a backup generator to keep it running. To my knowledge no one has tried that to date. In my past the computer center where I worked had a room full of 24V batteries and a 600HP diesel generator to back it up. The batteries only lasted 15 minutes to allow time for the generator to fire up and stabilize.

Just want to keep Longmill, router and laptop going. Thinking 1500va should do it?

@Scoutergerry - I’m not an electrician so I would have no Idea. Looking online a 1500va ups will probably only run the computer with monitor for about 20-45 minutes. Add the cnc controller and router and it won’t last very long. Definitely too much amperage draw on the router.

Not the router at all. Better to have a magnetic off switch for power fail to stop the LM and the router. UPS I use is 1000VA for PC and LM… for power surges, protection. The LM must stop if the power fails otherwise…broken bits