Does Gsender work with the CNC Pro V5?

I oversee and instruct the members in our Men’s Shed. We built an Ox-Gear CNC machine, and it is controlled by a Spark Concepts XPro V5. Does Gsender work with Trinamic Drivers, which the XPro uses?

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Hello @Gerry_S and welcome to the group. I moved your post to the gSender Question category because the gSender devs check that category.

As far as your question goes, I’m unsure if gSender works with 32 bit GRBL or only 8 bit.

From what I can gather, it’s still running GRBL so should likely work, even if it doesn’t take advantage of the 32bit GRBL. Their website recommends CNCJs in USB mode, which is a good sign since gSender was originally based on it.

The general statement is “We only support GRBL running on Arduinos”, but if the controller is compatible with GRBL senders it should work.

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