Does PS4 Controller work with gsender edge

Hi Chris, would my newer PlayStation PS4 controller work with gsender edge latest version? The ps4 controller is Bluetooth and my laptop is Bluetooth. I really can’t get definitive information on it.

If it can, do I need to plug it into my laptop with usb, even though it probably can be hooked up with Bluetooth?

Thanks, Gerard

Hi Gerard!

If it’s ok, I might move your message to the gSender Category as a public post since maybe our discussion could also help other people wondering the same question.

Normally, since I haven’t tested the PS4 controller specifically, I wouldn’t be able to make any guarantee if it’d work in gS - but since you already have one on hand I feel like it’d be worthwhile to give it a shot and report back. Realistically if the controller can talk to your computer and the joystick library we use can interpret the joystick input then it should be able to work with gSender, either over USB or Bluetooth. As I said, I haven’t tested myself but I’d say it’s worth a shot to see how it goes on your end