Drive motor going in either direction

When pressing either x- or x+ the motor may go either way. I am wondering if this would be the motor shorting or the driver in the longmill controller. I had roughed out a part and was finishing when the machine took off in the wrong direction. My machine has been running fine until this happened.

Wired in new Nema 23 and have the same results, so has to be in software or longmill controller.

I would check to make sure the cable connectors are plugged in and that there is no problem with the cable or connectors, like a bent or missing pin, etc.

I have done that and back to the controller
If you hit x- four times in a row it will go two or three in the correct direction and then the other way.

Using GSender Ver 1.4.7
Longboard Ver 1.4.3

In Gsender, if you click the console tab in the lower right of the window, you can see the GRBL commands sent to the controller. You might want to check this to see if the commands are actually changing when the direction changes. I doubt it, but it’s something to check.

You might try and switch the x and z on the controller to see if the problem migrates to the z axis or stays at the x one. If the z axis becomes the problematic one, the wiring behind the controller is ok. If the x axis keeps doing the dance your focus needs to go to the wiring of the x-axis, the motor and connectors.

If the problem disapears, the wiring on the x-axis is wonky somewhere.

If the z axis is doing the dance, your controller seems the problem.

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