Dust collection


I was looking into the dust collection portion of my system. I’m thinking of using a Ridgid vacuum (https://www.homedepot.ca/product/ridgid-15-l-5-peak-hp-portable-wet-dry-vacuum-with-storage/1000527616).

With a Hepa filter (https://www.homedepot.ca/product/ridgid-hepa-material-filter-for-11-to-17-l-3-to-4-5-gal-wet-dry-vacuums/1000861170).

What are you using/thinking of using? Do you think Hepa is required?

Get a separator and you won’t need a hepa. The separator works great.

Not really required. Expensive filters. Use a small cyclone unit. Will pay for itself in saved hepa filter cost. $54US for Dust Devil. $5US for 5 gallon bucket with lid. One time cost. That’s cheaper than 2 hepa filters. Will keep your Rigid vacuum filter pretty clean.

I have a small dust deputy and I still haven’t emptied it.

I just bought one but need LongMill to use it. LOL. Gotta be getting close.

The dust separator is interesting, I’ll look into it. Thanks!

I looked at that one, but the one thing that moved me to another ridgid vacuum was the size of the hose.

  • 1-7/8 inch x 7 ft. Locking Hose

I got this one (https://www.homedepot.ca/product/ridgid-nxt-60-l-16-gal-6-0-peak-hp-wet-dry-vacuum-with-bonus-backpack-cooler/1001331547?rec=true) and the hose fits the dust collection port. They didn’t have an open box for the compact one to see if the hose fit the dust collection attachment the one I got was only $10 more but not as compact.

How do you plan to attach the vacuum hose to the dust shoe? The dust shoe is compatible with standard 2-inch and 1.25-inch Shop-Vac hoses.

I think the updated dust shoe design uses a 2.5" hose (common on larger shop vac machines). I was discussing it with @chrismakesstuff in this thread Req Dust Shoe Details and he didn’t correct me. Just wanted to catch that in case someone referred to this thread and planned based on 2 instead of 2.5". I’m not sure if the product page is updated yet. [EDIT] Well the plot thickens and I apologize if my info is incorrect, the product page does say 1.25" and 2", so now I’m confused and off to double check my hoses.


Oh my, I’d better fix the issue with the product page… :open_mouth: The dust shoe is designed for 1.5", 2", & 2 1/8" hoses instead of the smaller port on the older design, I double checked the measurements yesterday. Could probably work with a 2.5" hose too if you wrap some tape around the adapter. @jwoody18 is there anywhere else that you’ve seen different info? There might’ve been a miscommunication between myself and Andy

EDIT: I fixed the shop page but also I think I’m a little tired because I’m not sure how you could adapt 2 1/8" to 2.5" with “a little tape” :thinking:

Looks like it might be an inside/outside diameter issue. Which is referred to in the specs on the product page?


The outside of the hose port is tapered to accept hose in the range of 2" and slightly above, meanwhile the inside of the port is made to accept a 1.5“ hose. When using the 1.25" shop vac hose, we twist the 1.5" hose onto it then push it into the adapter, I suppose you could get away with using some tape there too

I just measured the vacuum hose on the Ridgid I linked above and it is 2 1/8" inner diameter and 2 1/4" outer diameter for their hose that is listed on the page as a 2 1/2".

I really enjoy all this ‘Standard’ sizing, as I thought it was designed for the 2.5" hose because that is what was listed on the product page for the vacuum I bought.

This is exactly what bit me. My measurements on my Ridgid, I think it’s an HD1200, match yours. Sounds like they should fit over the fitting on the dust shoes shipping now with the Longmill. Phew… I definitely prefer the quieter and more powerful 2 & whatever it is hose. :slight_smile:


Yeah the world of hoses is really wierd. If the inner Dia is 2 1/8" then it’ll fit the dust shoe just fine though :+1:

Thats the problem I wanted to find some plumbing pipe to attach to my vacuum home no bueno. Nothing would fit the scum bags. Nothing with vacuums in standard at all. its very frustrating.