Req Dust Shoe Details


@chrismakesstuff just wanted to confirm, is everyone getting the upgraded dust shoe with the 2.5" coupler? Or do we need to specify that at some point?

If you didn’t state what router you are using, do you default to the Makita RT701C? I don’t know if I tagged my order or not, but I am using the Makita.



Dust collection

The dust shoe mounts independent of the router. No need to worry about the router size.


Hey @jwoody18, yes the plan is to ship the upgraded dust shoe with all the machine orders. The reason you had them included was as a precaution in case we didn’t have enough finished on time for the first set of pick-ups, in which case we’d send you the new version in the next week or so.

In terms of the router, we’ll be trying to contact anyone who didn’t state their desired router in order to clarify the mount they need. If we’re unable to get into contact then we default to the Makita mount.


Awesome, thanks @chrismakesstuff. Great news about the 2.5" connection. I’m really noticing how much the noise increases with my shop vac when I have to step it down to the smaller connections for my various existing tools. Now that you’ve started shipping kits I guess I better get my bench top together so I’m ready when mine arrives.


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Thanks, Greg. I thought that was the case and I wasn’t concerned about it, but I can see the way I wrote my note could lead them to sound connected.

Two people separated by a common language, as an old colleague used to say…


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