E Stop Switch change

Can the E Stop switch be changed to a Paddle switch to kill all power for the control box.

@rob Welcome to the club, Rob.

This thread may help you. It shows how Jannik installed remote buttons.

I and some others here took a bit different approach. I have my router, LM power supply, and laser power supply all plugged into a power bar. That bar is connected to power through a paddle switch. If the stuff hits the fan, I can smack that paddle switch and everything dies. I used a magnetic one so that if it is tripped by a power failure, when the power comes back on, nothing re-starts until I hit the start button.

I plan on a Paddle switch for the router/vac and then another Paddle for just the LM box. Even if I go this route I see that the E Stop still has to be plugged in. Once I get this figured out the box and all wiring will be under the table.

@rob It sounds like you have the newest version of the LM controller. I didn’t think of that when I replied. It is set up for an external e-stop. The first two versions are not.

I have the controller E-stop mounted up next to one of the Y axis rails & wired in a paddle switch before my power bar so its kills both controller & router. It’s mounted on the side of the table where I can’t accidentally hit it…
My controller sits under my table.