Edge 1.2.4 feed override shortcut bug

Attached is a screen cap that shows that I created an override shortcut for feed + and not feed - . The shortcut is shift-F.

Two things happen when I use the shortcut - or rather one thing happens and another does not.

The thing that happens is that the feed rate decreases, not increases when the shortcut combination is used. The decrease is considerable.

The thing that does not happen is that the GUI does not change, either up or down. It continues to show 100%.

I tested the same keyboard shortcut in gSender 1.1 7 and it works as advertised. The speed increases by 1% each time the shortcut is used and the GUI shows the increase.

The GUI not properly reflecting the current OV for spindle/feed has already been fixed internally and will be part of the next release.

We’ll look at what’s going on for feed + (and I assume other feed/spindle controls)

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We’ll have fixes for this in the next EDGE release :+1:

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