Enclosure switch wiring help

Alright. Started building my table and I’m planning out my enclosure. My Mk2 is supposed to arrive this Thursday and I can’t wait. My question is this. How does everyone wire up separate switches for everything? I see all these cool control panels with multiple switches that turn the machine on, router, lights, vacuum and so on. But I have zero idea how they’re doing it. Is it as easy as just wiring up separate outlets and switching them individually or am I missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have not done this with my CNC yet but I have done it to control motors on other projects. You can get a 120 volt AC SSR for about 20 bucks and wire it to an outlet that you want to control, then control the relay with the CNC controller. I wish I could tell you the g code for turning it off and on but I have not gotten that far yet. I bet there are people on here that can tell you. Anyway, take an extension cord and you will cut the hot wire and attach it to the load side of the ssr then hook it to the outlet you want to control. With the right SSR you can control both a shop vac and the router. Hook the signal wires from the CNC controller to the signal input on the SSR (again someone here can tell you which signal output to use from the controller), tell the controller to activate the switch when you start the cut and turn it off when the cut is done and you should be good to go.

This video is not the best but he got it right. Good luck.

Thanks for that info. Would I use an SSR to wire up a push button switch to turn on things? Sorry for my ignorance on this. I’m hoping to put in separate backlit push button switches to turn on the vacuum, the router, some lighting and so on. I’m trying to set up a basic control panel on the front of my enclosure so I’m not having to reach into it to turn things on and off.

Something similar to this but with backlit push button switches

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You would not need an ssr if you are using push buttons. Just use 120 volt switches and either hook them directly to the unit you want to control or hook them to individual outlets and plug in the unit you want to control. The ssr would only be needed if you were using the cnc controller to turn things off and on. I kinda like the control panel idea. If the switches you are going to use are momentary switches then you would need other components with the switches. If you are using a panel get push button on/off switches not momentary ones and you should be ready to go.

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