Export keyboard shortcuts from Edge

Is there a way to export keyboard shortcuts from one PC running Edge 1.2.3 to another PC running the same version?

You can export all the settings and the shortcuts are in there. Of course that only works if all the other settings on both machines should be the same.

Other than that the only way I can see to do it would be to edit the .json files. Something like:

  • Export setting from machine one and two.
  • Delete the bookmarks section from machine two settings.
  • Copy the bookmarks section from machine one and paste it into the section you deleted.
  • Import the modified .json into machine two.

Of course this assumes you can edit json OK and might take take longer than just entering them manually.

Time for a feature request!

@_Michael Tks, Michael. The other settings on the two machines are not the same. You’re right. I can take screen shots of pc A, print them and enter them into pc B quicker than I can edit the .json file.

Tks much.