Export Workspace coordinates

Is there a way to export and import the current Workspace (G54…)(P1, P2,…) coordinates? Would be really handy to be able to save multiple “setups”.
Maybe this is already done as part of the current Export, but I looked through the json file and did not see any references to the P1 or G54 or other workspace numbers.

For instance, I have one set of starting points for a particular item (A) I make. I would like to be able to change those settings for a different item (B). Then when I am done with that production run I would like to be able to import the previous set of Workspaces up for another run of item A.

Is there something usefull in this page?

Workspace offsets are stored on the controller, not gSender - it’s all part of firmware functionality. You are able to look at currently set offsets with the $# command.


If you want specific setups to change based on work/workholding/jigs, you’d likely want to setup some sort of macro with predetermined values.

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Tiger, there may be some jewels of information in my posts at this link.