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I like gsender a lot but I would dearly like an quicker way to adjust feed override. When I start a new program I like to drop feed to nearly zero in case there is an error in the code. I will then pump it back up tob100% and make adjustments based on the chips and the sounds. Unless I am missing something the feed override doesn’t allow quick and drastic feed speed changes. Candle uses a slider which works well. On an industrial mill there is a potentiometer. You can turn the feed to zero in an instant if needed. I hope the development team will consider this in future releases. Thanks


Agreed! Another vote for this feature please.

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I agree, no current way to adjust feed, until the program starts, then it is a panic to make quick adjustments. Part of the problem is the software needs to see and acknowledge the programing, as per feed rates, and that happens when you press start/run. I would like to see a real MPG for gSender.

Hey folks,

Don’t normally talk about upcoming features but this is something that’ll come in the next Edge release (with the intention of eventually coming into the main release).

  1. Feed/Spindle overrides are now sliders
  2. It’s possible to toggle between file information and overrides before starting the job to set the feed override lower/faster before starting if you’re concerned about material density.

While we generally adopt an approach of “don’t show something until you need it”, in this case we feel that allowing the user to set overrides ahead of time results in a generally better/safer user experience.



Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up!

That’s exactly what we’ve been asking for! Thanks for listening!

Now, how about that for responsiveness on the part of the Sienci team?! gSender keeps getting better all the time.

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