Feed rate 1500 in/min in surfacing

Seems a bit fast… but I calculate my 13x32 board would be done in <17 seconds.

@Ryecon Andrew: The max X and Y speed on the Mill is set to 4000 mm/min or about 155 in/min by default. You can bump that up a bit, but I would bet that multiplying it by almost 3x would get ugly.


Bug. Or typo. Default value in ‘Surfacing’ is 1500 in/min.

@Ryecon I just checked that out. In metric, the default is 4000mm/min. As you say, in Imperial, it is 1500in/min.

The gSender guys at Sienci will see this and address it. In the meantime, I suggest that you change it to 150 in/min, which is close to the max speed in x and y.

I’m pretty sure that this module cannot override the settings in the firmware, but changing it here will ensure that.

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@gwilki is right I saw the post and updated our list for the next buid to get this fixed. Thanks for letting us know @Ryecon