Feed rate bug in Edge 1.2.4

My bug reports for version 1.2.3 have been resolved except for the duplicate of my XY macro in the shortcuts menu. It is harmless as I simply turn the duplicate off.

The feed rate bug may have been present in previous versions. I didn’t think to try it until now.

Here is the scenario:

I load a file and start to run it. In this example, the feed rate is 2540 mm/min.

I use the feed rate slider to bump that up to 180%. The new speed shown in 4000. (max set in eeprom.)

The job runs at the new speed.

I run the job a second time. It runs again at 2540, but the slider still shows 180%. Clearly, 2540 is not 180% of the gcode-set speed. So, now to bump it up to 4000 again, I need to increase the slider.

FWIW, I believe that the slider should reset to 0 at the end of the file run.

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Haven’t played with edge lately but I like the idea of a slider for the speed override and I agree that it should go back to zero after a run. That is how gSender behaves without the slider, you start at normal speed for the next run.