Firmware tool - EEPROM

Hi, please help :pray:

I have been using gsender to control a TwoTrees TTC450 CNC with a MKS DLC V2.1 board. firmware V2.1

No issues for months I was able to use the gsender Firmware Tool to make minor tweaks to the configurations.
In short a fully working system.

I updated the board firmware to V2.3 supplied by TT and reloaded the config file and was no longer able to use the gsender firmware tool (see image)

If I hover over the Flash Grbl button I get the message “Flashing is disabled for grblHAL. We are unable to detect what chip is being used and therefore cannot flash it.”

I downgraded the machine firmware to the original V2.1 but the issue with gsender firmware tool is the same. All other controls on the gsender main page seem to work fine as they did before.

Many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.


You likely have the grblHAL controller selected - use the grbl controller.

Thanks so much, where do I go for that change?

never mind, i found it and YES that was the issue. so many thanks

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