First test casualty

hi all, being that this in my first using any cnc machine (newest) i’m at a lost. from gsender i selected lettering (longmill) did the setup with paper trick, IT PRINT BACKWARDS! OK read troubleshooting tips ??? try a few of the tips from left side set up now it prints left to left instead of left to right, still backwards (afraid to try any thing else) at a lost.

@joebro First welcome! I still have a bit of a leaning curve to overcome. But my first question is what design software are you using? Next question is in G-sender do the letters appear correct? Lastly when you jog your machine, does it jog correct? (Left is left and right being right). Let us know, I’m sure someone with more known than me will pipe up too.

Again welcome, please post the solution if you figure it out on your own.


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Hi, Thank You! I’m using VCarve Pro. The letters appear correct in G-Sender and the machine does jog correctly. Also I have tried the tips e.g. restore defaults flash etc…

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Maybe someone with more experience than me can chime in. Is there a mirror function in g sender somewhere? Like a radio button that is clicked ? Next time I’m in the shop, I will have a look. Don’t recall anything like that, but again I’m fairly new at it too. Maybe @gwilki Grant can chime in. He seems to have the solutions more time than not!

Good luck my friend!


@joebro Well, this time @Jake (Jake’s) confidence in me may be misplaced. :grinning:

However, I can’t resist a challenge. First, a couple of questions. I don’t understand what you mean by “selected lettering in gSender”. Can you set me straight?

You did the setup using the paper trick. I assume that you mean that you set Z0 using the paper method. How did you set XY0 and where did you set it?

I also don’t understand when you say the “it prints backwards”, but that the letters appear correct in gSender. Where do they “print backwards”?

@joebro - I’m with the other guys Joe. Need a little more info if you please. Pictures would help a lot to explain what is happening. There’s an answer for this I’m sure.

I have a photo but cant upload.

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What happens is that after assemble was complete . First test was g-sender longmill test. My test was a mirror image of longmill.

First test lettering (longmill) on a 4 x 16 inch board. zero all, longmill comes out mirror image.( comes out backwards)

also setup left side top of work piece. also tried from top right bottom l and r .

I may not understand what’s happening but did you also have it set at the bottom left?

yes left and right . also started from center .

I’m sure someone here will be able to help. I wish I could but then we both might end up more confused.

Good luck

Thanks for trying to help!

Can you post screen shots or the VCarve Pro file?

First thought if jogging in right directions is software issue.
Are you selecting grbl(mm) or grbl(in) as your post processor? There are many options and the wrong post processor might be able to cause this.

Not in front of my machine so someone jump in if i listed the names or post wrong.

grb (in) is the option I used.

OK, the guys @ Sienci walk me through this. Problem solved they even help me with my attitude. Great Job Guys!

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@joebro Hey sir,
SO what was it? Let the gang here know…

$3 invert had to be uncheck where its highlight yellow, flashed and default restored also my motor is on the right side of longmill. kudos to jason @sienci labs.

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this is in settings in g-sender.