First time trying to run Longmill Lettering demo

First time user. Ran the longmill lettering demo. Used Auto touch plate.
How do i get cutting job away from the bottom left corner and bottom. Can i start the job somewhere else on the cutting material other than this probe point. Where and how would i place the auto zero touch plate

@ItsSmee Welcome to the family, Scott.

You have only one location choice using the touchplate to set XY0. That is, the front left corner. You can set XY0 any where else, of course. But you can’t use the touch plate. If you set XY0 in the centre, for example, you can flip the touch plate over and use it to set Z0.

All the instructions for the plate are here

Scroll down for the Auto Zero Touchplate.

Thank you kindly.
I have read these instructions a couple of times now lol.
If I can start anywhere on work piece after the Probing do i just move the router position over the area i want to start on and run the program. If i start say at the center of the work piece is it just the Z probing i do.
All this is completely new to me. Like a new language lol.

If you do the auto touch plate at the bottom left it will set X Y and Z to zero. You can then move the router to your desired X and Y position and then zero the X and Y at that location by hitting the Zero X button and then the Zero Y button. Your Z should be OK provided that your material is flat.

Bear in mind that the carving is still going to be back and to the right of the position you choose.

Thank you Michael.
If i zero x then y independantly then i only need the probe to touch the work piece for zeroing. No touch plate or the back of the autozero touchplate, like flip it over?

I was just looking at the Auto Zero plate in gSender as I only have the regular one. Grant is correct if you haven’t set the Z yet then flip it over like the picture in gSender when you select Z only in the probe section. It looks like there is a cutout on the corner once you flip it over to zero just the Z.

@ItsSmee I think you may be getting a bit confused. (Or I am. :grinning:) There is no point in using the plate to set XY0, then move to a different position to set a new XY0. You cannot set XY0 using the plate, move the router to a new position and run the program. In your CAM program, you have set an XY0. That must be the same place that you set it to in gSender.

So, let’s say, for example, you set XY0 in your CAM software to the front left corner. Then you set it to the same place in gS using the touchplate. You cannot them jog the Mill to another location and set that new location to XY0. It will not match the location in your CAM program and therefore all your gcode will be off.

Edit: @_Michael correctly pointed out to me that the Longmill Sign Lettering project from the Sienci site gives you the gcode to run in gSender. However, the instructions clearly say to set XY0 at the front left corner. So, you cannot simply set XY0 somewhere else and expect the project to run as planned. Tks, Michael