First try at surfacing - workspace question

Hopefully this is an easy question. I have my 48x30 all set up, including the T-tracks and MDF slats for the workspace. I went into the surfacing tool with what I thought was all of the correct dimensions. I wanted to run an outline just like I would normally “frame” on a laser engraver. The CNC went over to the right side of the workspace and seemed to want to keep plowing further right because the motor was grinding and making a lot of noise.

Went back to the visualizer in GSender and see the picture below. Is the GSender somehow thinking I have a smalller workspace? The toolpath overhangs the visual workspace. I have selected 48x30 in the profile. Any pointers or where I can look in the documentation is appreciated. I went through manuals and videos but can’t find the problem.

This is a quick possible answer as I don’t have much time but it looks like you have your XY zero set to different origins somewhere. Your origin set to lower left on gsender and centered on your toolpath, or vice versa. Make sure that is the same everywhere.

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I rebooted everything, reopened Gsender and connected to the Longmill and rewatched the Sienci video. It is very possible that I hadn’t re-zero’d everything to the bottom left, but the toolpath still hangs over what I would call the GSender “workspace”. Crossed fingers and said a quick prayer and hit outline and it seemed to be OK, so I started the job and so far so good! Maybe the visual workspace isn’t the issue but I’m just used to it being the size of my laser engraver bed in Lightburn. Thanks for the advice!

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