Fixed location tool change issue

The continuous jogging was indeed fixed in the EDGE 1.3.1, But the fixed location tool change is now broken on first move of the tool change z axis starts to move then locks up the machine gives error 2 soft limits. When I disabled soft limits the Y axis slammed hard into front of the machine I have no idea why worked before in 1.2.2

@TimRod I’ve created a new thread for this issue as it is different from the jogging issue.

It looks like there is a conversion happening on the position that shouldn’t be - we’ll take a look, thanks for the report.

THANKS, Just let me know

Did this get addressed/fixed? I am using 1.2.2 and experiencing what I believe to be the same behavior.

Here’s my thread: gSender 1.2.2 Triggers Soft Limits During Fixed Tool Sensor Change