Front and Rear of Longmill reversed

I just finished setting up my 30" Longmill and used Easel Carve Pro for my first project. The milling came out reversed. I followed the resource manual and YouTube video for setting up the Longmill including mounting on the waste board. Something appears wrong with the Y-axis orientation When I push the back arrow to jog the route (the ^ button) to the rear, the rail moves forward.
What is the fix to get the mill oriented correctly?

I also just finished setting up my long mill and easel can control it correctly. It should be possible to figure out what we’ve done differently by comparing notes. Can you take a close-up of your control box and and overview photo of your machine labeled with which way the axes move for each button that you walk through in machine setup?

I am a bit confused how you got past the orientation checks that easel makes you do during machine setup that prove it moves in the correct directions and then had it mill backwards after that, so maybe that’s a good place to start figuring it out.


You can invert the direction right in grbl. Just enter $3=2 to invert the y-direction. More information is here

How do I get into Command Prompt to make the change?

I found a fix in Easel in Machine Setup when jogging the X, Y and Z axes. It adjusted by reversing the polarity of the Y axis. Thanks for your help.

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