Frustrated times

Evening people so heres the problem for today had a longmill MK2 48 x30 for approximately 6months but never seemed to have got a reasonable basic carve out of it. I’ve tried different pc , replaced USB cord, flashes firmware which it says was successful rechecked everything for binding .I’ve tried both gsender 1.17 and 1.2 but no avail running vcarve 11.5 pro so a simple sign with 5 letters in becomes a mess where it cuts the first and maybe second pass ok then decides to reposition the carve on the workpiece on its own accord and carryone anyone got any ideas

@old.fart01 Welcome back, Andy. It’s too bad that it’s a problem that brought you back.

You say that you’ve never gotten a basic carve out of your Mk2. Is the problem always the same? That is, the job starts out OK, then goes off kilter.

maybe watch your zero points and see if they change when the project messes up. If no change in software, it would most likely be hardware.

Also maybe the circuit you have it plugged into is overwhelmed and bordering on tripping a breaker.

There have been unusual problems from the board backing out in the controller box as well. Might want to open the control box and make sure everything looks seated right.

Would like to say thankyou and hats off for your help replacing the whole controller sames to of worked now I can look forward to learning

@old.fart01 It’s good that you are up and running, Andy. I’ll close the topic.

Have fun. Please post your projects in the Show Off topic.