Fusion 360 Post Processing

Hi all. Does any one out there know the post process settings I need to set for Fusion 360? I’ve set the post configuration to Grbl/grbl. Is there anything else I need to set?
Thanks, Tony

Hey Tony,
im using inventor, this is nearly the same:
configurator: Grbl/grbl
G28 Safe retracts: off
Output M6: off

This works fine for me.
Kind regards

I agree with Jannik. The G28 OFF is necessary because otherwise UGS will move the router without first raising the bit = broken bit. UGS, and several other popular senders, don’t support bit changes, so the M6 OFF won’t confuse it.
You can also tell UGS to ignore M6 lines in the OPTIONS tab.

Thanks Jannik and Bill, With settings suggested it worked perfectly.

I setup three 2D tool paths, one to rough the pocket, one to finish the edge of the pocket and one to cut out the part with tabs.

Thanks again,

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Tony, another thing I discovered today - I numbered my bits by 100s, so surfacing bits are 100 & 102, flat end mills are series 200, ball nose are series 300, etc. My V bits are series 800, and when I used bit #801 in a V carve job from Fusion 360, UGS balked because I used a bit with a number higher than it will accept. I like having the bit number in the GCode, so rather than have F360 not include it, I set UGS to ignore it. You can do it in UGS by going to TOOLS > OPTIONS > UGS > CONTROLLER OPTIONS, then click on ‘Add’ at the bottom of the list, double click on the blank under ‘Regular Expression Pattern Remover’, and typing a capital T. I also ignore M6, the code to change tools.


Sorry for the stupid question, just getting started and learning the programs.

Where are the settings located for G28 and Output M6? I couldn’t find them in either Fusion or UGS.


Never mind! Found them in Fusion post-processing. I’ve got M6 off, but for ‘safe retracts’ it only gives the options of G28, G53, and clearance height, but no “off”. How do you turn that one off?


After watching my first “dry run” test it was obvious the bit would have crashed if I had actually installed it, so I was thankful for playing it safe the first time. I was thrilled to find this thread with a solution, but I had the same question on the location and values for the settings. Thanks for pointing it out.

To clarify for future readers, the settings are in the Property/Value list in the lower right of the Post Process dialog.

The M6 setting is called “Output M6” and was already set to “No” by default on mine. (looks like that was a recent change in the Grbl Post Library: https://cam.autodesk.com/hsmposts?p=grbl)

The “Safe Retracts” setting is the G28 one. There is no “OFF” option, but setting it to “Clearance Height” seems to work. This also appears to be a new option per the link above.

Agreed, at the very end of a job, it went straight through the part full speed on my first run! Setting it to “clearance height” worked for me as well.

Dave, pick ‘Clearance Height’. It will raise the Z to wherever you have the clearance height set in F360 and stop.