G Code Errors and skipping lines

I never had issues with errors until the last update in G Sender. Not sure if settings changed or what. I’m trying to resurface my spoil board and sections keep getting missed then when its almost through it stops moving. Attached are some of the errors. Any Help WELCOME !!!
error in G Sender
And another new thing is it changes my work size into what seems to be interpreted as mm instead of inches because its like just under 2 inches instead of 49 :man_facepalming: I design it in inches in vcarve pro and my g sender is set to show in inches. Would I not use the grbl inches post processor??? When I use the mm one it shows up correctly but then was not cutting correct tho. I’m really confused whats going on :confused:

The controller natively works in mm. Setting your post processor to GRBL mm instead of inches doesn’t mean you need to change units in the design or CAM process, everything should automatically calculate itself on the back end.

Can you post your gcode here?

Surfacing Toolpath Spoil board GCODE.txt (1.2 KB)

I’ve had a similar oddball occurrence in a simple pocket job. Using ver. 1.2.2. Never had anything like this happen since the 2019 startup date. It also took a Y moving whack out of my board. Tested the file many ways.

The only thing I did besides just running the file was to PAUSE to move a clamp because the pocket cut looked like it was going to shave the top off. The file was designed to not reach the clamp, but in the aftermath I measured the cut and it was cutting beyond the original specs for Z. Don’t know what happened there.

I’m not used to having these kind of problems. I think I’ll go back to ver. 1.2.1.

diagnostics_8-20-2023_16-28-12.pdf (26.0 KB)
NOTE: the errors in this file were from earlier in the day when I was testing something. Remarkably, this diagnostic file didn’t record the errors that showed up on screen.

What post processor are you using? You’re not specifying a unit, so it’s reading in mm. That said, you have movements over a meter in length.
Are jog movements correct? Can you post your grbl settings?

Not sure yet about the errors, but looks like it might be communication issues.