G-Code G-Sender errors exporting .STL as G-Code

Hi Guys, Hoping someone can help. Im new to CNC Milling/carving/Engraving 3D Sculpts. But not new to CNC, Ive been using Easel for a couple of years cutting 2D shapes which is quite simple. I now have a project where I need to 3D carve 3 faces. I have an .stl file and have used prusaslicer to export that as a G-Code File. when I bring it into G-Sender, I am getting several errors and desperately need some help. I get an errror 20 on around 6 lines and then it wont start.

The G-Code produced by PrusaSlicer won’t work with gSender. There are different kinds of G-Code for different machines and different firmware.

You need to use Vectric VCarve, Fusion 360 or something like that to make the G-Code. I think most of the options for 3D carving are paid software. Fusion 360 can be use for non-commercial use for free but it’s a steep learning curve.