G Sender 1.2 issues

Installed version 1.2 yesterday, keep getting popup reconnected to network, had difficulties loading files, files show up in recent files box but not loaded in visualizer. Jog buttons sometimes not working. Was running a job this am doing a circular cutout of 3/4 inch Red Grandis sign and spindle just goes off to the left ruining job. First time I have had to use E stop. Because these issue only began after install of new version I have to conclude that either the new version is not ready for prime time or my install is corrupted somehow. Uninstalled version 1.2 and going back to previous good version.

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@Mickus Please post back after you have re-installed 1.1.7. I’m not speaking for Sienci, only for myself as a user.

I did a project this morning and it did the same thing to me, I went back to VCarve and built the Code again and run it in GSender the same thing happen again. I will go back and load 1.1.7.

Grant @gwilki I did a delete and reload of version 1.17 and was having trouble connecting then would not jog. I searched for all g sender files on my laptop and did a complete delete. reload version 1.1.7 was able to run the projects without issues. I then reloaded 1.2 (I must like frustration) run files I had just run in 1.1.7 and had multiple errors 2, 4, seemed to be the predominant ones. After an error I would send bit to zero and would be able to run file again without issue. I was running same file that screwed up this morning and it did the same thing but 180 out, doing a circular cutout on second pass bit was at x0 then went off to the left till z carriage hit left y rail, g sender visualizer showed the bit disappearing off the screen. All these issue happen even after running test in g sender and no issue noted. I attached a notepad file of the cut and highlighted the line 30 error 2.
I am running windows 11, 6 months old, dedicated to g sender and V Carve.
I am going back to 1.1.7 as it works.

Grant forgot to attach file
cutout 1-8 em.gcode.txt (985 Bytes)

@Mickus Out of curiosity, what CAM program are you using and what post processor did you use to create the code?

@gwilki, Grant I am Using Vetric V Carve Pro and post processor GRBL (MM). I also have G Sender set to MM.

Thanks for the file Mickus, just to add I tried running it after I took out the asterisks in 1.2.0 as well and can’t see any of the errors you’re seeing. Did you say that you ran this file before on 1.1.7 and it was fine?

@chrismakesstuff thanks Chris, I had run the file previously. I ended up doing a factory reset then reloading 1.2 and file ran fine. Issues I have noticed with using 1.2, when running if I adjust the feed it faults and I get gcode error normally error 24. Also if I have my laptop wifi on which is spotty in my shop and will disconnect and reconnect, at reconnect I will get a gcode error, again error24. I am not sure if it is a gsender issue or something else. Either way I just hit resume and carry on. I plan on monitoring for a while.