G-Sender Edge 1.3.10

Ran rotary chess pieces in 1.3.5 without issues. tried 1.3.10 and the the first pass plunges the bit to the center f the piece. Ran the Y axis center alignment without issues. Set the bit probe without issues and then did the rotary surfacing and the measurement diameter was perfect. Changed bits and probed bit. put the spindle to XA0 and start job and it goes to the first cut position and drops the bit to the center of the A axis thus cutting the piece in half. Tried this multiple times with the same results. Re-installed 1-3-5 and ran the job again and it cut perfect with all the same setting. Prior to updating to 1-3-10 I exported my settings. I tried flashing 1-3-10 and entering my settings without any luck. Then I imported my settings without any luck… Finally I just went back to 1-3-5, flashed and imported my settings and I’m working again. What am I missing? Any suggestions? I did choose GRBL and not HAL.

@gstrout I moved your post to the gSender topic board, Garry. The gSender team at Sienci is more likely to see it here.