G sender not connecting to my computer

Just finished putting my Long mill together now I’m at hooking it up to the computer and it’s taking a long time connecting to my computer. Anyone have any input on this matter.

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@Raymond when you say long time can you be more specific? Does your machine successfully connect?

COM port and baud rate are all set?
If your computer is not hooked to the internet, gSender may be looking for an update that it can’t get to. You can turn off auto updates just to test that part.

No I haven’t connected to it yet. Got a computer wizard on it now trying to figure it out for me.

Hi Raymond, since this is an arduino based system, the instruction used to be at be one time to intall the Arduino IDE.

So unplug your Longboard.
Go to Arduino.cc and install the IDE.
Once the IDE is installed and running, power on your longboard and plug it into the ide via the USB cable.
Your computer will prompt you to install the correct USB/COM port and drivers.

You should be good. This is what is running on my computer without fault.



I got it working now. It’s exactly what your saying I needed to get that downloaded first. Thank you for the response. Happy longmill I g. Lol

Real good drivers for usb/ pseudo com ports are hard to come by. And they are worse when when the drivers are virtualize and virtualize again, drivers from iteration of software to the other all terrible and easily lost in the shuffle.

Anyway glad you got it going


@Raymond glad it is working
Lots of stuff between making files and making chips. Congrats!