G sender software update

I am presently using version 1.0.1 of G sender. When I open G sender it tells me that there is an update available and I have tried numerous times to install this new version, however have not been successful. It appears to download and install, but when I open G sender again it opens v 1.0.1 again. Not sure what else I can/should do, or is 1.0.1 the most recent version? Thanks for your assistance and comments.

If you are running Windows 32 bit, it will not change. If you are running Windows 64, it will update.

I am running Windows 10 - 64 bit, but does not update.

@abes39 I suggest that, in windows, you uninstall the version that you are running, and download the latest version from here

The latest is 1.0.3. You will not lose any macros or bit sizes that you have created.

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@abes39 - Mine would also not update with Win 10 x64. However I use @gwilki (Grant’s) suggestion. You might want to go out to Windows settings and uninstall any older versions that may appear out there. It might take a couple of passes to get all older versions uninstalled. Do this before installing 1.0.3.

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