G sender stops working when sending light burn image

Hello all
My problem is when try to laser a image g sender locks up, it will go to the start position and makes one small move then g sender acts like I paused the job. If I hit resume it will make a small move again and pause job. What am I missing

@Slat Welcome back, Greg.

I believe that members are going to need more info if they are to help you.

I understand from the title of your topic that you are creating a file in Lightburn, exporting the gcode, then running the gcode in gSender. Correct?

What is your Smax value in Lightburn?

What version of gSender are you running?

Is this a new issue?

How are you setting the laser mode in gSender - manually using the Console, or using the sliders in gSender?

Have you tried to run the file directly from Lightburn instead of exporting the gcode to gSender?

What model laser are you using?

I realize that this may seem like a lot of questions and you may well get advice without providing answers.