Gamepads and their introduction to the Longmill

Gamepads, Where to begin. The goal is to introduce a Gamepad to the Longmill. Ready, Set, Go…

@Megistus There was some discussion about this here:

To start off, I would prefer to use the wireless Logitech F710 Gamepad. They are readily available and affordable. As well the Logitech Profiler software is well designed and easy to work with.
Now, which G-code sender or interface software will best interface with the Logitech software ???

@Megistus I tried this with a 310. I ended up going to a number pad, but here is how I believe you can configure the logitech.

Using the Profiler software, you assign keystrokes to the buttons and pads on the controller. Then, in UGS you map those keystrokes to UGS control functions. In the link that I provided, Bill did this using joytokey to map the joystick functions to keystrokes. You can use Profiler.

I have no experience using anything other than UGS for this purpose. Others may be able to contribute.

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Thank you for the info. Good to know that UGS has keystrokes that can be assigned. Your link didn’t show up. I wonder if there are any other G-code senders that will also work.

@Megistus Wayne: The link is in my first post. I have no experience with any of the other gcode senders. There are members here using a couple, so maybe they can answer your question.

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@Megistus I don’t quite understand the purpose of this post, Wayne. Do you work for Carbide Create? I see that you have copied their sales pitch from their website and posted it here.

You post on the Canadian Sienci forum, encouraging people to buy a US-based company’s CNC.

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you unhappy with your Mill purchase?

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Sorry I offended. It was simple a disclosure that the software was Free for all to use. Simple exploring the opportunities of hand held controllers. I have removed the post. I shell be more mindful in the future.

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@Megistus I was not offended, merely confused. I think it’s good to bring to our attention that there is good, free software out there.

It was the advertising for the CNC mill that they make that got my attention, Wayne. Clearly, it’s your business if you want to advertise on this site for a competitor’s CNC. I just didn’t understand why you would want to do that.

That said, I likely overreacted, and for that, I apologize. It’s not up to me to censor anything on here.

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I was thinking about hooking up a controller then discovered the phone pendant QR code. This really works well, it’s wireless and easy.

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I tried the phone pendant as well. It would be better for me if the wifi in the garage was a little more reliable. I ended up using a mini wireless keyboard and mapping some keys in UGS. Works very well and very handy.


I am using a wireless controller to control the longmill and using gsender beta. You need to install anti micro and you can bind keyboard keys to controler buttons/joysticks.

I can report that my Logitech Wireless Gamepad is working great with the new beta gSender. Thank you.
Logitech F 710 Wireless Gamepad in Action


@Megistus Glad to hear it, Wayne. Have fun!