Gcode generators

A while ago in trying help someone on another forum, I made a little gcode generator for surfacing with a bunch of options. I decided there’s no reason not to share here as someone might find it useful. The main reason for the request was in trying to only surface in one direction.
Links below… Make sure to preview your gcode before running it if you want to try these out.
Source code here. (along with a basic engine turning app I made a while ago)
Preview here:
Surfacing Generator


Thanks for all your effort, it is well appreciated by me, and I’m sure many others.

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@NeilFerreri Tks much for this, Neil. I just looked at the source code … and now I need to lie down for a while. :laughing:


Now why’d you go and do a thing like that?
That’s why I have a link to the actual page!

I looked at the source too but my reaction was different. Most of my programming experience is with statically compiled, typechecked languages. I tend not to use things like HTML and scripting in general and for many projects it would most likely be faster and easier.

I need to use the right tool for the job more!

Oh, and I had absolutely no idea what engine turning meant. So thanks for that. I’ve seen the results of it before but now I know how it’s done.

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The original intent with these was to help others. In trying to do things as simple as possible, I actually started the engine turning one with a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet quickly became more complex and was not user friendly for anyone that wasn’t in my head.
I don’t have much experience with HTML (hence the webpage for dummies appearance), but I figured a self-contained html file would be the easiest to share with a diverse group of users.


I missed Neil’s original post on his gcode generator, but here’s an example of “Engine Turning” in the machining industry.


I had no idea what it was when I saw the original post. I lost a good part of the evening learning what it was and looking at pics of different patterns. Pretty cool stuff! :exploding_head:

You should edit the original post to add the engine turning link for those who are less inclined to manually edit the link.

Also, I’d like to see an option in the built-in gsender functionality to allow doing surfacing in more ways (like you did with the unidirectional surfacing). I’ve done this by hand editing gcode from time to time. (This particular comment is not directed at the OP.)

Ideally, one would just save the html to their computer and run it locally. These don’t need the Internet, just a browser.

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