Gender 1.4.7 X,Y Jog distance

Loving the new 1.4.7 version of gSender where you can access the app from a smartphone or tablet. Only issue I can see so far is really strange in that the x and y travel distance on the remote device is exactly twice as much as on the native app. I.e. If you set the xy jog to travel 10mm, it is going 20mm when pressed on the iPad or phone and the correct 10mm on the pc app.

All jog Parms in the settings section are identical in both devices.

Is there something I’m missing or is this a bug.

@wenclem Welcome to the group, Wendel.

I’ve moved your post from the UGS category to the gSender question category. I’m sure that you will get the help you need.

Hi there,
Is any one from Sienci labs able to reply to my querry?

Thanks in advance.

Known bug with both touch and onClick events firing. It’ll be fixed as part of a broader changes to mobile/touchscreen support coming in the next Edge cycle.

Ahh thank you. I was wondering if it was just my machine as I hadn’t seen anything mentioned when I searched.

One other question. Does GSender support other touch plates such as the Openbuilds one?