Gender Z) override

I purchased a “clamp file” off Etsy. I ran the program and created a bunch of firewood because the initial cuts were far too deep. I use the auto O touch plate to set my machine and have confirmed it is at the spoil board surface as described in the clamp instructions. I run the program and return to X Y Z - 0. The end of the bit is now .158" below the surface that was Z-0 prior to beginning the cut.
I’m told there is a Z) override adjustment in G sender but I can’t seem to find it I’m new to this C’NC world so any help would be appreciated.

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@PSalter I’m not familiar with the Z override adjustment in gSender.

Can you post a link to the file that you bought on Etsy? What CAD/CAM file did you use to create the toolpaths?

@gwilki @PSalter I would encourage everyone to create their own files. We all have made a lot if firewood.
DON’T DO OVERIDES unless you know exactly what you are doing!!!
Can you post your file so we can tinker with it? We like to tinker and unravel issues…


We don’t have Z override adjustment in gSender - just feed and spindle speed since those are GRBL realtime commands. Taking a peak at the file might help diagnose what’s wrong.

Hi, if you are using a Longmill ,

  1. check the pulleys at the top Z and check the backlash on the Z carriage.
  2. have a look at your router mount, is it snug
  3. Is your X axis parallel to your work surface, in other words did you surface your waste board.
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